A unique experience where I was able to experience the true Native culture. I discovered such depth and spirituality and I realize the responsibility we have for the proper functioning of living organisms around us. Above all else, the emergence of feminine leadership, much needed in our society, that has been eroding for a long time for the benefit of the masculine. If the woman regained her power, many choices for our societies would be different and peaceful. I am honored, touched and blessed to have been able to attend these teachings that give access to the emergence of the Sacred Feminine. An entirely different understanding of who my ancestors were and the importance to maintain "on the good path". Awakening and clarity are the words to describe this experience.

// amélie

I am very happy that I had this oportunity to introduce my 15 year old daughter to this First Nations Wisdom For too long, the patriarchy has stifled the voice of women all over the world. The teachings on Matrilinearity, the Moon, etc. are inevitably a key to the creation of the new society that is needed, otherwise our future as humans will be very uncertain...

// marie-noelle
la fée d'or gardienne de la terre

I really enjoyed my evening of native teachings. I understood the importance of reconnecting with Mother Earth, nature, with our essence. I realize that women who are in power right now are in their "masculine side" and not in their identity, which contributes to perpetuate the destruction of the planet. I understood the importance of being who we truly are.

// françois

This workshop helped me to reconnect with myself, to my true nature as a life giver and love spreader on earth. I realize that it is time to restore the authority of women on earth. Not a man's authority that divides, crushes men or creates competition between women, but a feminine authority that loves, softens, nourishes, cares ... These teachings are, in my opinion, one of the most important keys, if not THE key for a better society.

THE key to a level of Awareness of future generations that will allow us to preserve the human species on earth. We are killing ourselves collectively if we continue down this path ... and the worst part is that we all know it. Mother Nature will not let her children destroy her without doing anything. No new technology that man will invent to control problems will work ... because we can not solve a problem, with the same level of consciousness that created it. I advise everyone to listen to these teachings. They lead to the level of consciousness that can make a difference in the world.

// julie

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