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Marie-Claude Lacroix
Founding Member

It is the quest for meaning that has guided my life that has led me to collaborate with the Original People of this territory.
After completing a B.A. in psychology from Montreal University (1999) and traveling for more than 10 years as an artist with Cirque du Soleil, I returned to Quebec to devote myself to researching my own origins.
The ancestral knowledge I discovered amid traditionalists still connected to their identity, dating back thousands of years, revealed my life's mission.
Create bridges so that everyone can experience this sacred anchor with Creation, which has been sacrificed for a society that has lost its meaning.
It is the urgency to transform our world for the better that animated me to participate in the creation of the Great Peace Organization.
"We have the opportunity together to restore peace and protect our Mother Earth in the alliance with these generous people who welcomed and saved our ancestors from certain death.

It is time to honor this."

Angèle Pelletier
Founding Member

I graduated as a management accountant in 2004 from Laval University and have been a chartered management accountant (CPA, CMA) for 16 years. I have also been an IT management solution specialist and project manager since 2010.
Aware of the impact of corporations too often destructive on the environment, I fiercely wished to reconcile my work with my desire to transform our world for the better.
Having been exposed to key and empowering truths of Native Teachings, I identified many concrete solutions for action.
It is with this certainty that I helped found the Great Peace Organization which for me is the essential missing link for the reconnection to the sacred.

"Let us be the change we want to see in the world."


"This is who we are. We have been inspired to create this Organization to bring the Great Peace back into the world.
Join us, make your spiritual and environmental aspirations come to a reality."

- The Great Peace Organization.

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